Custom Electrical Cable and Wire Harness Assembly for Various Industries


Custom Electrical Cable and Wire Harness Assembly - Power Supply Harnesses, Control Panel Harnesses, Lighting Fixture Harnesses, Appliance Harnesses, Special Equipment Harnesses, Heating Cooling System Harnesses, Cut and Stripped Wire and Cable (or with Terminals), Passive Components to Wire Applications, Lamp Holders, Switches, Ballasts, etc. Custom Spec Cables and Wire Harnesses - Etlin Daniels
Etlin-Daniels Wire Harness and Cable Assembly has been a leading manufacturer of custom electrical cable and wire harness assembly for over 70 years. The company specializes in providing top-notch power supply harnesses, control panel harnesses, lighting fixture harnesses, appliance harnesses, special equipment harnesses, heating and cooling system harnesses, cut and stripped wire and cable, and passive components to wire applications.

Their custom-spec cables and wire harnesses are designed to meet the specific needs of their customers from various industries, such as Gaming, Commercial, Automotive, Industrial, Computer, Agriculture, Amusement, and Energy.

Etlin-Daniels prides itself on its ability to provide quality and reliable custom electrical cable and wire harness assembly services. The company has a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, technicians, and operators who are dedicated to ensuring that their clients' needs are met. They use the latest technology and equipment to produce high-quality wire harnesses that meet the customer's exact specifications and requirements.

The company has earned a reputation for its commitment to customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and innovation in the industry. They are continuously improving their processes and techniques to stay ahead of the competition and maintain their position as a leader in the industry.

Etlin-Daniels has a broad range of wire harness and cable assembly services that include power supply harnesses, control panel harnesses that are designed to transport signals, and power cables that are used to power a wide variety of devices. They also offer lighting fixture harnesses that are used in indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as appliance harnesses that are used in various appliances.

Their custom equipment harnesses are designed to meet the unique specifications of their customers' equipment, while their heating and cooling system harnesses are utilized in HVAC systems, to provide a safe, reliable, and efficient flow of heating and cooling.

The company's passive components to wire applications services include lamp holders, switches, ballasts, etc. These components are essential in controlling the flow of power in various electronic devices, and Etlin-Daniels ensures that their clients get the best components to enhance their devices' efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Overall, Etlin-Daniels Wire Harness and Cable Assembly are the go-to experts for custom electrical cable and wire harness assembly services. As a longstanding company in the industry, they possess a wealth of experience, and their highly skilled team of engineers, technicians, and operators ensure that they deliver nothing short of quality and reliability.

Their unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction makes them a highly desirable partner for companies seeking a reliable partner for cutting-edge custom electrical cable and wire harness assembly services. Etlin-Daniels Wire Harness and Cable Assembly takes pride in their ability to deliver unparalleled value by providing high-quality solutions that meet their customers' unique needs.

In conclusion, Etlin-Daniels Wire Harness and Cable Assembly is dedicated to delivering quality and reliability in every project that they undertake. They are always looking for new ways to improve and innovate, providing their customers with the best possible service. They are undoubtedly leaders in their field, and we can expect them to remain so for many years to come.

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High-Quality Ground Screw Anchor for PV Mounting Made in China

Steel Ground Screw Anchor For PV Mounting: A Strong Solution Without FlangeA steel ground screw anchor serves as an alternative foundation option for solar panel installation. Its innovative design provides a reliable and sturdy anchoring system that is easy to install with minimum effort. Moreover, steel ground screw anchors without flange offer even more flexibility and convenience for users.Ground screw anchors make use of a screw anchor mechanism that is simply screwed into the ground using a hydraulic driving machine. The screws are made from high-quality steel, ensuring durability and strength, even in harsh weather conditions. The installation is quick and easy, and it takes only a few minutes to fix the screws securely into the ground.A ground screw anchor offers many advantages over traditional concrete foundations. Firstly, it is a more eco-friendly solution as it does not require any soil excavation or removal. Secondly, the installation process is non-invasive, and it does not damage the landscape or have any negative impact on the environment. Thirdly, the small installation footprint, which takes up less space than traditional foundations, offers more space for solar panels and eliminates interference with nearby structures.Steel ground screw anchor for PV mounting without flange offers an even more convenient solution for users. With no flanges, these anchors fit seamlessly with the solar mounting system, removing the need for extra attachment components. Moreover, it allows for a faster and more straightforward installation process, saving time and money.A steel ground screw anchor is a versatile solution ideal for solar panel mounting, carports, fencing, and much more. It can be adjusted and modified according to specific needs, making it an excellent choice for unique and challenging construction projects.In conclusion, a steal ground screw anchor for PV mounting is a reliable and sustainable anchoring system that provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete foundations. Moreover, the absence of flange offers even more flexibility and convenience, making the installation process faster, more efficient, and simplified. If you need a sturdy anchoring solution without flange, look no further than a steel ground screw anchor.

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Top Quality Chain Link Fencing Products in China - Find a Reliable Supplier Now

Chain link fences have been a popular choice for fencing since the early 1900s. They were initially used as livestock enclosures, but over the years, their many benefits have made them the go-to choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Chain link fences are very versatile, durable, and cost-effective, making them a great option for many different applications.A chain link fence is made up of interlocking metal wire loops that form a diamond pattern. It's both strong and flexible, giving it the ability to hold up to harsh weather conditions and still maintain its shape. Chain link fences come in a variety of heights and gauges, which allows them to be customized to fit any application.One of the biggest advantages of chain link fences is their versatility. They can be used for everything from enclosing a backyard to securing a commercial property. One popular use is as a backstop for sports activities. Another use is as a dog run or kennel. The open diamond pattern of a chain link fence allows for good airflow, making it an ideal choice for protecting your pets.Chain link fences are also commonly used for security purposes. The durability of the fence material is a significant factor in ensuring that your property is safe from intruders. They are also great for commercial applications, such as securing parking lots, storage yards, or construction sites. With proper installation, these fences are capable of providing high-security measures for your property.In addition to their many benefits, chain link fences are also very affordable. This makes them an excellent choice for those on a budget. They require minimal upkeep and can last for many years. Unlike other types of fencing, chain link fences are not susceptible to rust or corrosion, and they require very little maintenance to keep them looking their best.Another great feature of chain link fences is that they are straightforward to install. This, in turn, reduces installation costs. Moreover, the mesh pattern of the chain link fence makes it easy to see through, providing unobstructed views of the surrounding area. This feature allows you to maintain an open and inviting environment while still ensuring that your property is secure.When it comes to installing a chain link fence, China Fence Anchor products are essential. They provide the necessary support to keep your fence upright and secure. Fence anchors are typically placed at intervals along the bottom of the fence, ensuring that the fence stays in place and doesn't shift or sag.In conclusion, if you're looking for a durable, affordable, and versatile fencing option, then a chain link fence could be the way to go. Although they may not be as aesthetically pleasing as some other fence types, they have proven to be one of the most practical and cost-effective fencing options available. And with China Fence Anchor products, you can ensure that your fence stands the test of time. So, go ahead and contact your local chain link fence supplier and manufacturer today and see what they can do for you!

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No Dig Ground Screw Anchor for Standard 4x4; Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel for Longevity.

in your content.If you're planning to build a fence or patio, you'll likely be looking for a reliable anchor system that can provide stable support for your structure. You might consider a no dig ground screw anchor, which is an innovative system made with hot-dipped galvanized steel that guarantees ground screw integrity for decades to come.The beauty of this anchor system lies in its simplicity. It's concrete-free, which means you don't need to worry about digging, mixing, or waiting for concrete to set. Instead, the U-Model ground screw stirrup is 100% loadable immediately after installation. This saves you time, effort, and money, as you don't need to rent or purchase equipment to dig holes and mix concrete.The no dig ground screw anchor also fits standard 4x4 (3.5" x 3.5" inch) posts perfectly. This means that you can use it with a wide range of structures, including fences, decks, pergolas, and more. The anchor's U-open design, with a metal grip of 91mm, ensures that your structure will remain secure even in the harshest weather conditions.One notable benefit of this system is its long-term durability. The hot-dipped galvanized steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, even in salty or damp environments. This means that your anchor will remain in excellent condition for many years to come, saving you both time and money on repairs and maintenance.Another advantage of the no dig ground screw anchor is its versatility. Whether you're creating a new structure or need to replace an existing one, this anchor system can be installed quickly and easily. It's suitable for a range of soil types and can adapt to changes in ground conditions over time. This means that you can be confident that your structure will remain stable and secure for the long term.In summary, the no dig ground screw anchor is a reliable and versatile system that offers many benefits for those seeking a stable support system for their structures. Its simplicity, durability, and adaptability make it a smart choice for any project that requires a solid anchor system. So if you're planning your next project, make sure to consider the no dig ground screw anchor as a reliable and efficient option.

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14" LED Pontoon Boat Stern Light - White All-Round Navigation Light Introduces Revolutionary LED Pontoon Boat Stern Light for Safe NavigationPontoon boating is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Boaters can enjoy the luxurious deck space, comfortable seating, and amenities like grills and sound systems, all while cruising across the water. However, when the sun sets, navigating becomes a challenge, especially if the boater doesn't have adequate lighting. But has come up with an innovative solution to this problem with their 14" LED White All-Round Navigation Light.This new LED pontoon boat stern light is designed to make boating safer and more convenient. With its fold-down base, this navigation light can swing 180 degrees, providing complete coverage around the boat. All wiring is concealed and protected within the pivoting base, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring longevity. The materials used in this product are non-corrosive, and the aluminum pole with plastic base provides outstanding durability.Installation of the light base is straightforward and can be done quickly using the #10 stainless steel fasteners included in the package. Once installed, the light can be used for months without having to replace a bulb, making it a viable option for both occasional cruisers and frequent boaters. With its low power consumption, high brightness, and long-life LED, this pontoon boat stern light can reduce energy use and lessen the stress of frequent repairs.Speaking about this innovative product,'s spokesperson said, "Boating often involves difficult terrain and unpredictable weather conditions, which make navigation challenging, especially at night. At, we're committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions that enhance the boating experience and make it safer for everyone on board. Our LED pontoon boat stern light will not only keep you safe during your night cruises but will also enhance the appearance of your boat."This new LED pontoon boat stern light is a welcome innovation, especially for boaters who want to enjoy their evenings out on the water without sacrificing navigation safety.'s product has quickly become a favorite among boaters, and the company's reputation for quality and reliability is unmatched.Along with its innovative products, is known for its outstanding customer service, which is available to all customers 24/7. The company offers free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it easy for boaters to try out its innovative LED pontoon boat stern light without any risk.In conclusion, if you're a boater looking for a reliable and sturdy pontoon boat stern light that will keep you safe during your night cruises, your search ends at The company's innovative 14" LED White All-Round Navigation Light is designed to make boating safer and more convenient, with its high brightness, low power consumption, and long-life LED technology. Get yours today and experience the difference!

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Cost-effective Ground Mounting System with Streamlined Structure and Enhanced Durability

Systems, Cost-Effective, Pre-Assembly, Optimized Design, Experienced Structure Engineer.Ground Screw Mounting Systems: A Revolutionary Cost-Effective SolutionEvery solar project requires an efficient mounting system that can provide a reliable and stable foundation for the solar panels. Ground screw systems have been gaining popularity in recent years, and for a good reason. Ground screw mounting systems are a cost-effective, streamlined structure that offers many benefits over traditional mounting systems. In this blog, we will explore the advantages of ground screw mounting systems and how they can save you time and money on your solar project.Cost-effectiveWhen it comes to solar projects, cost is always a primary concern. Ground screw mounting systems offer a cost-effective solution as they require less material and labor. The ground screw itself acts as a foundation, eliminating the need for concrete or other costly materials. Moreover, the installation process is streamlined, making it faster and more efficient, further decreasing costs.Pre-AssemblyThe supporting frame of ground screw mounting systems is delivered with the highest pre-assembly. This means that the supporting structure is already partially assembled before it is delivered to the site, saving on installation time and labor. Since most of the assembly is completed in the factory, there is less room for error, ensuring a more precise and efficient installation.Optimized designThe optimized design of ground screw mounting systems is developed by experienced structure engineers. This is essential as high loads caused by weather conditions, ground subsidence, and other factors can put stress on the solar panels and lead to structural instability. The experienced structure engineer ensures that the ground screw mounting system meets all necessary safety standards, ensuring that your solar panels are secure and stable.Environmentally friendlyGround screw mounting systems are also environmentally friendly. As mentioned earlier, the installation process requires less material and labor, leading to a reduced carbon footprint. Moreover, the ground screw foundation is a reversible solution that can be removed without causing any damage to the soil or ground.Final thoughtsGround screw mounting systems are a revolutionary solution for solar projects. The cost-effective, streamlined structure, pre-assembly, and optimized design make it an efficient and reliable mounting system. Moreover, this environmentally friendly solution ensures that your solar project is not only efficient but also sustainable. At [insert company name], we offer top-quality ground screw mounting systems that meet all necessary safety standards and are designed for optimal performance. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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Discover High-Quality Handmade Soaps with Natural Ingredients

Soap Co. is a company that specializes in creating high-quality handcrafted soaps made of natural ingredients. The company was founded with the aim of providing individuals with an alternative to commercial soaps that often contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the skin. Wholesale Earth & Anchor Soap Co. products are made with natural ingredients that nourish and protect the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and healthy.One of the key features that set Wholesale Earth & Anchor Soap Co. products apart is their use of natural ingredients. The company sources its ingredients from local suppliers and farmers, ensuring that each bar of soap is made with fresh, high-quality components. The ingredients used in Wholesale Earth & Anchor Soap Co. products include shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils, which are known for their skin-healing properties.Wholesale Earth & Anchor Soap Co. offers a variety of soap scents, each one unique and refreshing. Some of the most popular scents include lavender, peppermint, citrus, and eucalyptus. These scents are not only pleasant but also have therapeutic benefits. For instance, lavender has a calming effect, while peppermint is known for stimulating the senses. The variety of scents offered by Wholesale Earth & Anchor Soap Co. caters to every individual's preferences.Another unique feature of Wholesale Earth & Anchor Soap Co. products is their packaging. The company uses eco-friendly packaging materials, which are biodegradable and compostable. By choosing to use eco-friendly packaging, Wholesale Earth & Anchor Soap Co. reduces its impact on the environment, making it an environmentally conscious company.Wholesale Earth & Anchor Soap Co. has garnered a reputation for its exceptional customer service. The company takes pride in ensuring that its customers are satisfied with their products. The company also offers wholesale prices for customers who would like to purchase in bulk, making it an ideal choice for retailers and businesses.In conclusion, Wholesale Earth & Anchor Soap Co. is a company committed to providing high-quality, natural soaps that are beneficial for the skin. The company's use of natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and exceptional customer service sets it apart from other soap companies. It offers a range of scents that cater to individual preferences and is an ideal choice for individuals, retailers, and businesses looking for natural, high-quality soap products. With Wholesale Earth & Anchor Soap Co., individuals can enjoy soaps that are not only effective but also environmentally conscious.

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Screw Piles: A Reliable Deep Foundation System for Construction Projects

article about the benefits and applications of screw piles in construction.Screw Piles: The Robust and Efficient Solution to Your Foundation NeedsWhen it comes to building sturdy and durable structures, the foundation is the most crucial aspect to consider. A sound foundation ensures that the structure can withstand the weight of the building and natural elements, such as wind, rain, and earthquakes. Traditionally, concrete or wooden piles were used to create deep foundations. However, these methods come with several drawbacks, such as high costs, time-consuming installation, challenging access and involve disturbing the surrounding soil, which makes them unsuitable for environmentally sensitive and low-impact construction sites. That is where screw piles come in.Screw piles have gained popularity in recent years as a reliable and cost-effective solution to create deep foundations quickly and with minimal disruption to the environment. Screw piles are made up of steel and are screwed into the ground using a hydraulic torque motor. They work by combining the lateral and compression forces of the soil into their spiral blades, creating solid support for your structure's foundation.Screw piles are manufactured using tubular hollow sections of varying sizes. Each pile or anchor shaft is designed to handle different loads and soil conditions, ensuring that the structure built on top remains stable and secure. Additionally, screw piles can be customized to suit specific soil types and depths, providing construction companies with a versatile and sustainable foundation solution.The installation process of screw piles is also immensely efficient. It typically requires only minimal excavation and ground disturbance, and once installed, foundations can be immediately built upon. With screw piles, there is no need to wait for curing time or to dispose of excavated material, which makes the installation process much faster than traditional foundation methods. This speed aspect makes screw piles ideal for time-sensitive construction projects.Furthermore, screw piles are versatile and are suitable for a vast range of applications, including residential homes, commercial buildings, bridges, and even solar panel installations. Their ability to create a secure foundation on sloping, rocky or wet sites also makes them ideal for various environments.One company that has been leading the manufacturing and installation of screw piles is (need remove brand name). They have been providing robust and high-quality screw pile solutions for over 15 years. Their experienced team is equipped with the latest technology and industry knowledge, ensuring that their clients receive a reliable foundation solution for their construction needs. (need remove brand name) also offers clients the option of renting professional-grade installation equipment, making it easier for construction companies to install screw piles.In conclusion, the benefits of screw piles are clear. They are an innovative and efficient solution for creating deep and sturdy foundations, providing a more environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, and time-saving alternative to traditional foundations. With advanced manufacturing techniques, varying sizes and depths, and a rapid installation process, screw piles are an optimal foundation solution for modern, sustainable construction projects.

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3/4'' ElectroGalvanized Screw Pin Anchor Shackle Clevis for Cargo Control and Transport - Load Binders, Ratchet Straps, E Track Straps, and More

ShacklesIn the world of cargo control and transport, having the right equipment is essential for safe and efficient transportation of goods. One such piece of equipment is the 3/4'' Screw Pin Anchor Shackle Clevis ElectroGalvanized G209. This shackle is an essential component for securing your cargo during transport, and it's important to understand its features and benefits.Firstly, the 3/4'' Screw Pin Anchor Shackle Clevis ElectroGalvanized G209 is a highly durable and dependable piece of equipment. Made from high-strength steel and galvanized to resist rust and corrosion, this shackle is designed to withstand the toughest of conditions. Its screw pin design also ensures a secure connection, providing added safety and peace of mind when transporting heavy loads.In addition, this shackle is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. It is suitable for use with a wide range of cargo control products such as binder chains, ratchet straps, E-track straps, and load binders, among others. Its clevis design also allows for easy attachment to anchor points, making it a highly effective tool when securing cargo.When it comes to cargo control, safety should always be a top priority. That's why the 3/4'' Screw Pin Anchor Shackle Clevis ElectroGalvanized G209 is an excellent investment. Its high-tensile strength and secure screw-pin connection ensure that cargo is held securely in place during transport, minimizing the risk of accidents and damage to both cargo and vehicle.Further, with a unique combination of strength, durability, and versatility, this shackle is an essential tool for anyone involved in cargo transportation. It is perfect for use in a wide range of industries, including construction, agriculture, and transportation.When looking for a reliable, durable, and versatile shackle to secure your cargo, the 3/4'' Screw Pin Anchor Shackle Clevis ElectroGalvanized G209 should be your go-to option. With its high-strength steel construction, secure screw-pin connection, and versatile clevis design, you can be confident that your cargo will stay safe and secure during transport.So, if you need a secure and reliable shackle for your cargo control needs, look no further than the 3/4'' Screw Pin Anchor Shackle Clevis ElectroGalvanized G209. With its high-quality construction, impressive strength, and versatile design, it is the perfect choice for your next transport job. Don't wait; invest in this excellent piece of equipment today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cargo is safe and secure.

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Helical Piles for Strong and Stable Foundations

Braintree, Massachusetts - Helical Piles - Helical Drilling, a leader in the manufacturing and installation of helical piles, has announced they will be expanding their services to meet the demands of the industry. The company has recently been working on several large projects, including the installation of helical foundations for a new energy plant and a high-rise building.The expansion will involve the addition of new equipment and staff to their existing team of experts. Helical Piles - Helical Drilling has invested in state-of-the-art machinery that is capable of handling larger projects with ease. The company has also hired additional staff, including engineers, technicians, and project managers, to ensure that all projects are delivered on time and to the highest possible standards.The company has built a reputation for providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Their helical piles are made using the latest technology and are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. The team at Helical Piles - Helical Drilling works closely with their clients to ensure that all projects are tailored to their specific requirements. They are committed to delivering innovative and effective solutions that exceed their clients' expectations."Helical Piles - Helical Drilling has been a leader in the industry for over 20 years," said the company spokesperson. "We have worked on some of the most challenging projects and have built a reputation for delivering exceptional results. Our expansion is a testament to our commitment to providing our clients with the best possible service."The expansion comes at a time when the industry is experiencing increased demand for helical piles. With a growing number of industries recognizing the advantages that helical piles offer over traditional foundation methods, the demand for expert installation services has increased significantly. Helical Piles - Helical Drilling is well-positioned to meet this demand and is confident that their expansion will enable them to continue providing their clients with the best possible services.In addition to their expansion, Helical Piles - Helical Drilling has announced they will be launching a monthly e-newsletter to keep their clients informed of industry news, project updates, and company developments. The newsletter will feature articles written by the company's experts, highlighting the latest innovations and trends in the industry. Clients who sign up for the newsletter will receive regular updates on the company's projects and activities."The newsletter is an excellent way for us to stay connected with our clients," said the company spokesperson. "We want to keep our clients informed of the latest developments in the industry and our company. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we want to share that knowledge with our clients."Helical Piles - Helical Drilling has been at the forefront of the helical piles industry for over two decades. Their commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service has made them a trusted partner for many companies. The expansion and launch of their e-newsletter are just two examples of their commitment to meeting their clients' needs and staying ahead of industry developments.

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Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel Earth Anchor Screw for Secure Foundation

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient solution for underground anchoring? Look no further than the Forged Galvanized Screw Helix Earth Anchor.Made from high-quality carbon steel C1045 and forged through a sophisticated process, these anchors are tough and built to last. Their hot dip galvanized surface ensures protection against corrosion and rust, making them suitable for use in harsh environments.The design of the screw helix ensures maximum stability and holding power, making them perfect for anchoring fences, poles, tents, guy wires, and other structures where stability is crucial. Their easy installation makes them ideal for temporary or permanent anchoring in soil, sand, clay, or rocky terrain.At Qingdao Thinkwell Hardware & Machinery Co., Ltd., we understand the importance of reliability and quality in any anchoring solution. That’s why we only use the highest quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to produce our Forged Galvanized Screw Helix Earth Anchors.With an emphasis on durability, stability, and ease of use, our anchors are the perfect solution for any underground anchoring need. They are available in a range of sizes to suit any application and can be packed on pallets for easy transportation and handling.Don’t compromise on the safety and stability of your structures. Choose the Forged Galvanized Screw Helix Earth Anchor from Qingdao Thinkwell Hardware & Machinery Co., Ltd. for a reliable, long-lasting anchoring solution. And remember, always use the right tools and equipment, and follow proper installation procedures for maximum safety and effectiveness.In conclusion, Galvanized Screw Earth Anchors are a great way to keep your structures stable and safe. They are reliable, efficient, and built to last. Make sure you choose the right size and follow proper installation procedures to ensure maximum effectiveness. Choose Qingdao Thinkwell Hardware & Machinery Co., Ltd. for the best quality Forged Galvanized Screw Helix Earth Anchors on the market.

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